Last week, Morgan and I spent the morning with DUMBO-based ceramicist Wynne Noble. We were excited to see her space after learning about her unique pottery methods and seeing her exquisite work at some of the city’s best restaurants — you can see her tableware at Contra and Momofuku Ko.

Wynne Noble is a DUMBO artist and ceramicist

It only took one step into the building to see that the allure was warranted. Hidden away on the 6th floor of an old warehouse, Wynne’s studio is bright, charming, and — of course — artful. She’s been living and working there since the 80’s — well before the area became gentrified, with restaurants and shops popping up left and right and rents spiking exorbitantly — and she has maintained the character of that time in her persona and her pieces. A teacher, sculptor, and potter, Wynne originally exhibited her pieces in galleries, or sold them in high-end stores. Only in the last decade did she begin making pottery for the foodservice industry, and she still describes her dinnerware as “sculptures you can eat spaghetti off of.”

Slab Rolled Pottery by Wynne Noble

Wynne gets her inspiration from nature and her local community—the animals and landforms of the countryside, the culture of Brooklyn, and the cellular structures and different organic materials of both. Currently, Wynne does custom work for restaurants and hotels, boasting a variety of pieces from matte clay bowls to flat, glazed plates. Her slab rolling process evenly distributes pressure on the clay to reduce warping and create the highest quality end product. She turns slabs into molds, producing each piece by hand so that every shape — though sometimes part of the same collection — is different. Each style has soul, and it shines on the tabletop.

Unique ceramic mugs by Wynne Noble

The first item we are working on with Wynne is a custom LMT wine coaster — see the style below. We are taking orders now – get ahead of the curve and contact us today!

Ceramicist Wynne Noble made a custom ceramic wine coaster for Little M Tucker

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