Deep in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, amongst the beautiful storybook scenery, is one of our favorite high-end glassmakers — Spiegelau, eponymously named after its village.

Spiegelau, part of the Riedel Glass brand along with Nachtmann, is an excellent foodservice alternative to the Riedel glassware that our industry knows and loves. Amongst the tens of Spiegelau collections is the “Wine Lovers” line — a versatile stemware set that can be utilized in any restaurant concept.

Spiegelau Wine Lovers collection

The simple elegance of this collection is enhanced by the Platinum Glass technology applied at the factory to increase durability and reduce operating costs at the restaurant level. The shapes of the glassware are unique and bowl-like, designed specifically to improve the wine tasting experience by heightening aromatics and flavor. Plus, all of the Wine Lovers stemware is dishwasher-safe, so clean-up is simple.

This collection offers four carefully-designed glasses for red, white, AP, and sparkling wine. Novice wine drinkers and sommeliers alike can appreciate the line, making it perfect for any setting. By marrying sophistication, quality, and practicality, the Wine Lovers set will never go out of style.


Because we believe in Wine Lovers, we’ve invested in it. That’s why M Tucker has special pricing on this entire collection. Request a sample of the set today, or contact us for a quote!

Spiegelau glassware

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