Tilit Chef Goods is a clothing and lifestyle brand truly made for the hospitality industry. The collections are designed for and by chefs, focusing equally on utility and design. The M Tucker NY team sat down with Jenny Goodman and Alex McCrery, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Designer of Tilit, at their Chinatown showroom and studio to learn more about the company and what it can offer our clients.

This functional line of chef coats, aprons, pants, and work-shirts are all made in New York and built to last. Though the professional kitchen is their focus, Tilit’s aprons and chef-wear play equally in the dining room or behind the bar. The company also offers a full range of custom work-wear specifically designed for front of house staff—including vests, shirts, and dresses.

tilit chefgoods restaurant wear and chef wear is a great addition.

Jenny and Alex have taken classic designs and updated them with quality fabrics and a wealth of functional details. Coats are fashioned of 100% cotton, while pants are constructed of stretch cotton twill for fit. Aprons are available in washable waxed cotton, denim, chambray, cotton duck canvas, or even a color block of waxed cotton and selvedge fabric. All pieces are offered in a wide and continually updated range of colors and patterns.

tilit chefhats is great kitchen wear

Tilit Chef Good’s well-tailored chef coat includes a veritable laundry list of functional details (and, speaking of laundry, it will do just fine in a washing machine!). It has a front pocket for convenience, arm pocket for the ubiquitous Sharpie or thermometer, chambray inner collar for comfort, stretchy side panels for airflow, side tabs for fit, and Tilit’s signature touch: a rear neck apron tab. It’s also available in a single or double breast—with or without buttons or snaps. Aprons and pants carry a similar attention to detail, and each of those details is fully customizable. Even apron straps are available in a number of materials, including cotton, cotton with a handmade leather clasp or snap, or full leather.

Tilit Chef Goods is happy to work with you on a solution that fits the needs and atmosphere of your restaurant, whether that’s an existing or custom product. M Tucker NY is delighted to make the introduction!

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