Dinnerware has become more than just a vessel. It’s a canvas for a chef’s culinary creations. The best of it doesn’t overshadow the contents, it elevates them. In our industry, that means finding a sturdy, reliable brand that also highlights seasonal ingredients and the chef’s artistry.

Untitled at the Whitney Museum recently updated their canvas with a dinnerware installation from LMT that makes an incredible menu look even better. They’ve chosen impactful pieces from our Chena Pink, Chena Black, and Denali Spruce collections, blending color and neutrals, gloss and matte, in one tablescape. These three lines from Anfora, Steelite’s Mexican factory partner, are made from the same mold and stack perfectly together, making them perfect for mixing and matching. This opportunity for composition and curation clearly echoes the Whitney Museum’s extensive collection of masterworks, but it can be used to show off the art of any menu.

We encourage you to don your artist’s beret. No need to pick up a paintbrush, just contact lmt@singerequipment.com for product inquiries and to help accentuate the art of your table.

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