Next time you’re in San Francisco, make a stop at The Beehive, a cocktail bar in the heart of the Mission. This newly opened watering hole draws inspiration from the mid-century modern style of the 60’s, and the team carefully selected their glassware to match the era.

The signature gold rim of our Gold Miners beer tumbler by Rona (11 oz.) was a natural choice for hi-balls in this honeyed haven.

If you like your spirits on the rocks or neat, you’ll appreciate the retro design of Luigi Bormioli’s faceted Bach Double Old Fashioned (11-1/4 oz.).

This swinging speakeasy raises the bar once again with our Terroir coupe by Nude and Gold Miners Nick and Nora by Rona. These curvaceous martini, Champagne, or cocktail glasses (you pick!) are an elegant choice for anything from a beloved classic to one of The Beehive’s new creations.

Despite an obvious affection for a bygone era, it’s not all retro at The Beehive. Their team has taken the distinctly modern step of using reusable straws, and we salute this eco-friendly move!

We can’t wait to get our buzz on at The Beehive! For any inquiries about the products featured, please contact

Photography courtesy of @thebeehivesf on Instagram

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