Like so many settlers throughout the history of Oklahoma City, Jason and Sara Kate Little were met with tantalizing opportunity. In the Bradford House, the couple saw a chance to transform a historic building into a boutique hotel like no other in the area. In doing so, the Littles sought to keep a crown jewel of OKC history alive. But the dream was not without its challenges. Originally built in 1912 and owned by the Oklahoma County Clerk, William Bradford, the Bradford House building was in much need of repair.

In OKC, many buildings have been restored, preserved and modernized only as a necessity; to ensure they’re structurally sound. The Littles took the renovation of Bradford House leaps and bounds beyond the status quo. The newly emphasized charm of the property is not hard to find. Shades of pink, blue and green pop like sparkling jewels as you walk in the door, accentuated by a Maria Theresa chandelier and grand three-story staircase. Vintage furniture throughout was hand selected by the Littles in Italy and France. Each room is different but incredibly inviting and designed for guests to wander. Grab a drink at the gilded green bar and enjoy it on a plush velvet couch in the Lantern Room. The Cafe and Restaurant are no different. They are so inviting that it feels like you are dining at your incredibly stylish (and outrageously rich) friend’s house. 

To find plateware that looked vintage but would withstand modern hospitality, the Littles enlisted the assistance of LMT Provisions. Imperial by Anfora subtly accentuates the richness and vibrancy of the decor. The porcelain is the perfect shade of creamy white, making it feel not too new; the scalloped rim is soft but striking. Sipping from the subtly ornate Imperial coffee cup transports you back in time.

To add a touch of color with a pop of pink, Rak Vintage plates strike the perfect note in harmony with the rest of the selections. The table wouldn’t be complete without French Classics Lion’s Head bowl from Revol, the original proprietor of this iconic vessel.

We worked with the Littles to thoughtfully select tableware specifically for this uniquely special property. Looking for your own personal design experience? Send us an email at to get started.