Photo by Hugo Juarez for Steelite USA.

The Laguiole steak knife handle has a rich history; first crafted in 1829 by a blacksmith in the small village of Laguiole, France for farmhands and field workers. Its origin is one not of fine dining nor table setting, but utility.

Since its conception, Laguiole has become the most celebrated steak knife in the hospitality market today and with that, has spawned an international frenzy of copy-catting. To this day, not a single blade comes remotely close to the elegance of Laguiole’s French-made 1.2 millimeter serrated blade and classically sculpted handle we all have come to know and love as the steak knife.

In essence, Laguiole has become the Champagne of cutlery. While there are many attempted replicas, the only true Laguiole are the ones imported by our premier partner factory, Steelite.

Without hesitation, the Little M Tucker team leapt at the opportunity to bring the real deal into stock in our New Jersey warehouse; we are thrilled to offer four exclusive colors for immediate delivery.

laguiole steelite steak knives from m tucker

Sangre (red), Smoke (gray) and Sapphire (blue) are three jewel tone colors available from M. Tucker; you can see the Smoke and Sapphire handled-knives in action at the Troubadour Hotel in New Orleans.

monkey board steak knife and chicken sandwich

In addition to these three colors, we now have the prized Prime Cru, the brand new Laguiole knife with a full vintage finish from handle to tang to the tip of the blade.

steak knife with grapefruit and spoon

And while the colors are pretty and the brand classic, we believe the true value of this product is the story it tells on the tabletop; one steeped in tradition, from a time when someone wanted a steak, they killed for it.

Luckily, times have changed and our customers won’t need to forage further for the Prime collection; all colors are available for next day delivery. For more information about these products, please contact

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