With WAYNE, a new classic has joined the fold at LMT. This series of rocks glasses and highballs, from our partners at Nude Glass, is designed to emphasize the unique clarity and shine of crystalline glass.

This collection is all about reflection, created by bold vertical scoring as well as a horizontal channel at the bottom of each glass. The interplay of cuts and reflections reveals itself in myriad combinations from different vantagepoints. The luminosity will strike you, but Wayne also features a beautiful weight and heft – perfect for contemplating a favorite single-malt.

We’re stocking Wayne in four sizes, all available for immediate delivery. Choose from 8.5 oz and 11.25 oz rocks glasses, as well as 8.5 oz and 12.25 oz highballs, or outfit your bar with the full collection for a clean, crystal-clear presentation for everything from soda to spirits. For more information, please contact lmt@singerequipment.com.

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