This season, our friends at Figgjo Norway have created poetry in the form of porcelain.

Aura is a two-piece capsule collection that perfectly represents why we love this factory and shows off their always cutting-edge design.

These two highly versatile coupe plates, in 10-5/6” and 7-2/3”, offer unlimited plating possibilities. Their power and beauty lie in their simplicity. When we first saw this collection, we were reminded of the verse of Wallace Stevens:

“Surrounded by its choral rings,

Still far away. It was like

A new knowledge of reality.”

Aura redefines what a collection is and can be.  It also pays homage to our mission of sustainability in hospitality and procurement. It’s not a mass production of guesswork, but careful precision. Accuracy. Simple detail.

Aura by Figgjo is en route from Norway to our New Jersey warehouse. Product is on display at our 230 Fifth Avenue showroom. Follow our newsletter for updates and schedule a showroom appointment today! For inquiries, please contact

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