Today we celebrate the latest class of Star Chefs Rising Stars in our very own New York City!

Just in time for the occasion, we’re thrilled to announce a new stocking agreement with PolyScience, a fellow Star Chefs Rising Stars sponsor.

Firstly, we’ve partnered with Poly Science to bring our chefs the CONTROL FREAK: the premier induction burner on the market today, with a sleek design and unparalleled precise temperature adjustment tools. There’s a reason why Thomas Keller himself speaks so highly of the Control Freak.

Smart features such as the easily navigable digital display, the precision of its dials, the ability to program recipe settings and maintain temperatures accurately for any length of time, make The Control Freak™ the new gold standard for induction cooking,” Keller is quoted in saying on the PolyScience website.

polyscience star chefs rising sponsor

But wait, there’s more! If you’re in need of some sous vide, look no further than the PolySci immersion circulators now in stock for next day delivery as well.

This is all because, let’s face it, a new era of banquet has arrived.

Clunky chafers and fuel cells are falling behind. Induction is hot.

Ha, but seriously. Chefs and restaurant proprietors are concerned about energy efficiency—and rightfully so. Standard gas ranges are only about 70% efficient, whereas induction ranges surpass their coiled companions with an efficiency of approximately 90%.

When you’re in the weeds, that 20% makes all the difference.

We now also offer the smoking gun, for precision smoking, whether it’s being done in the back of the house, at the bar or tableside!

polyscience breville kitchen device

The manufacturers at PolyScience know this. And that’s why LMT is proud to partner with the true leader in induction, immersion and culinary science.

For more information, just ask.

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