At LMTprovisions, we believe that the simplest things are often the most beautiful. That is why we’ve partnered with Chef Angelo Sosa to bring you one of the newest, most unique solutions to chef attire: AOS by Sosa bib aprons.

In comparison to other options on the market, these bibs are incredibly lightweight and flexible. The aprons come in several in-demand hues, like light pink, baby blue, heather gray and matte black.

Sosa’s inky-matte black aprons will be on display this summer with the launch of Dale Talde’s Rice & Gold. Opening inside the brand new 50 Bowery Hotel, Talde refers to Rice & Gold’s vast, open kitchen design as the “Lamborghini” of kitchens. It seems only fitting that the staff at one of the hottest hospitality openings of 2017 will be outfitted with these chic aprons.

AOS by Sosa Bib Aprons by Chef Angelo Sosa

Chef Johnny Spero at the Culinary Vegetable Institute wearing AOS by Sosa.

AOS by Sosa bib aprons are made in the USA. With 41 ½ inches of a signature cotton/polyester/spandex blend, they lend to a more comfortable, functional, and flexible apron. The most notable feature is the fabric’s stain guard finish, which guarantees stains don’t settle into the product.  Each of the aprons is also meticulously double-stitched, which adds reinforcements and prolongs the lifespan of the apron. Plus, customization is available on any AOS apron—you can really create something special.

AOS by Sosa are stocked in our New Jersey warehouse, and are available for immediate delivery. Interested? Get styled with AOS by sending us an email at

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