Individually handspun, artisan-glazed pottery. We all want it.

Our customers crave unique, chef-centric porcelain—and so do we. That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce our partnership with Haand Hospitality.

Out of their North Carolina-based facility, Haand spins porcelain products to order in organic and natural shapes with cream-like décors. Don’t let the fact that these products are homemade fool you; they are all fully vitrified porcelain—not stoneware—with a one-year chip warranty on all flat plates. Haand products are specifically designed and crafted for a hospitality environment.

Want a striking matte white porcelain collection with a natural feel? Check out Haand’s Skali collection (pictured above). This full range of dinnerware and coffee service looks right at home on a refined or rustic table.

haand dinnerware plates and cups

All photography featured here, courtesy of Sarah Schu.

If you’re looking for something a bit more earthen and pottery inspired, Terra might be the collection for you. Or, try the Ripple collection, which comes in an assortment of glazes—smooth or textured—and can be custom tailored to your operation. Oblong ovals and not-so-round dinner plates make us adore this brand even more.

The Center of the Table collection is a great way to make a statement. These unique, large-format pieces can be the vessel for a variety of table presentations—including this raw bar display pictured below.

All Haand Hospitality dinnerware is made to order with standard lead times of only 4-8 weeks. To inquire about the beautiful products you see here, please send an email to

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