In a world where manufacturers are peering over each others shoulders for inspiration, Martin Kastner’s Chicago-based studio stands in a league of its own. Crucial Detail constantly surprises us, no matter the venue or materials used, to create some of the most innovative and design-driven tabletop pieces in the world. In this month’s Thoughtfully Curated column in Total Foodservice Magazine, Morgan Tucker talks about why Kastner has changed the world of dinnerware and some of the studio’s newest creations we can’t wait to get our hands on. Read the full article here.

This freshly stocked flatware pattern is our newest darling.

Vintageware is 18/0 stainless steel in the same, classic and adaptable “Austin” pattern of Goldware (brushed gold), Roseware (brushed copper) and Matteware (matte black).

   Wait no longer than 1-2 business days for your vintage-inspired flatware now available at an incredibly low price point. Frame your food with a bit of antique inspiration and set your table in style with this cozy collection. The Austin pattern was pioneered by the LMT team in 2017 and has seen success among chefs and operators looking for a bit of low key attitude in their flatware.

Vintageware is now in stock in these six functional sizes:

Salad/Dessert Fork, 7 ¼”

Table Fork, 8 ¼”

Table Knife, 8 ¼”

Table Spoon, 8 ¼”

Dessert Spoon, 7 ¼”

Teaspoon, 5 ¾”

For samples and more information on this collection, please email

Photo credit: Eric Medsker Photography

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Photo credit: @steeliteusa on Instagram

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