We’re pleased to introduce a innovative line by the creative Revol Porcelain team in Saint-Uze, France.

Succession is a 10 piece example of how this 250 year old factory maintains its position ahead of the curve in the world of tabletop.

While Revol’s history is steeped in classic French culinary porcelain, their portfolio has recently evolved into a cutting edge, sexy collection that boasts some of the most unique molds and textures available on the market today.

Succession’s design is geometric. Its matte, quilted texture provides another dimension of elegance to plated presentation. There are small espresso cups and salad and serving bowls in black and white, along with a black soup bowl, dessert plate, and dinner plate. Our particular favorite offering in the line is the 25oz quilted pitcher, also offered in black and white. The organic silhouette with matte finish perfectly combines practicality and design.

The team behind Little M. Tucker is thrilled to offer our customers exclusive pricing on this collection in celebration of its launch. We have always supported the Revol factory and their stylish and inspired designs.

We’re all about it. Are you? For product inquiries, please contact littlemtucker@mtucker.com

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