DOUBLOON is a custom décor inspired by hidden treasure and pioneered by the team behind LMT. A hand-painted, rustic gold rim with accents of rich brown adds warm luxury to the tabletop.

Figgjo’s BASE collection provides a clean, modern canvas for this one-of-a-kind design.

Doubloon softens extremes, adding depth and contrast to an otherwise stark white tablescape, or adding lightness and shine to a darker and heavier ambiance. We’re stocking two shapes: an entrée plate (10-2/3” diameter) and a high-edged share plate (8-2/3” diameter), listed below for immediate delivery. If that’s not what you need, Doubloon décor is available on all 57 pieces of Figgjo’s BASE collection, with an order minimum of just 48 pieces.

For product inquiries or a sample, send an email to

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