The Smoking Gun Pro Cloche from Polyscience Culinary is a tool that takes the primal and makes it precise! This handcrafted, borosilicate glass dome follows on the runaway success of The Smoking Gun Pro, Polyscience’s handheld cold smoke infuser. It features a sleek, straight-sided design as well as a BPA-free silicone one-way valve, allowing for precise control.

Since the paleolithic era, humankind has realized the unique virtues of smoking our food. Unlike our stone age ancestors, we don’t have to rely on filling our caves with smoke to reap these benefits. There’s undoubtedly a time for gathering around a bonfire, hearth, or barbeque pit, but for the precision required by today’s professional kitchen, we have a new set of tools.

The Smoking Gun Pro and Cloche unleash power and artistry in the kitchen and behind the bar. Picture any food or beverage, from butter to bourbon, gently infused or finished with smoky flavors and aromatics. Whether revealed to the guest under a dissolving veil of smoke, or finished in the kitchen, your culinary creations will show new character, limited only by your imagination.

The Smoking Gun Pro and Smoking Gun Pro Cloche are both stocked in our warehouse and available for immediate delivery. For more information, please contact