There’s a new flatware in town—well, not really.

Sambonet has long been the most specified flatware brand on the market—the family owned company has been crafting silver and steel products for two whole centuries.

But with the constant evolution of dining, no brand has maintained its cool quite like Sambonet—their classically bold flatware patterns are constantly sought for restaurant openings all over the world; and their improved PVD coating technology has allowed their brand to dominate the flatware market. (part of the same company as Rosenthal and Paderno).

This has never been truer than with SIGNE, the contemporary cutlery design made specifically for hospitality. Signe’s straight edges and flat, smooth finish allow the pattern to adapt to truly any tablescape.

That’s one of the reasons why our friends at Eataly recently selected Signe. And when it comes to diverse hospitality, no one really accomplishes such a breadth of service like Oscar Farinetti’s largely Italian, market-driven Eataly locations.

If we were to hone in on Signe’s preservation of that low key polished look, we would look no further than its application at Cosme in New York City. Paired with custom matte Anfora dinnerware, the seemingly modern flatware shows off its chiller side.

Luckily for you, M. Tucker now stocks the full Signe collection in our warehouse, offering our customers exclusive pricing in the marketplace. Signe is now available for immediate delivery. For samples or product inquiries, please contact

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