A birthday note to one of our most beloved French porcelain factories. Revol, at 250 years young, you’ve never looked better.

This month, Revol unveiled a brand new showroom space on the 19th floor of 41 Madison to toast the company’s 250th anniversary, which just so happens to be the same year as our own centennial.

Despite a rapid and successful brand expansion, Revol remains fiercely loyal to its heritage, maintaining quality and consistency by keeping all production in France. At the same time, this factory wouldn’t dare shy away from innovative design. French classics have been reborn with a matte gray finish rightfully called Pepper. Picture the essential, old school, lion-headed soup bowl and oval eared dish given a 21st century update. Of course, Pepper pairs beautifully with Revol’s classic black cast-iron style finish, adding dimension and interest to the tabletop or kitchen. Revol remains one of the only porcelain factories worldwide producing a fully black porcelain glaze.

At the opposite end of the timeline is Equinoxe in Cumulus White, a line that we’re convinced comes from the future! High-gloss white against a border of Revol’s signature black porcelain creates a stunning new interpretation of a chef’s blank canvas. Solstice is another new addition to the portfolio, combining Revol’s 250 years of expertise and precision with inspiration from the cosmos. Their mastery is clear in this application of reactive finishes in deep red and rich metallics that provides a bold, celestial accent to the tabletop.

Whether you’re looking for classic brasserie favorites or new items on the cutting edge of art and design, we can’t wait to bring you to Revol’s new showroom for a visit. Be sure to wish them “Bon Anniversaire!”

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