For 247 years, Revol has been manufacturing culinary porcelain in Saint-Uze, France.  “For everyone who loves to cook, innovate, share, give and experience pleasure, Revol has imagined a prettier and healthier porcelain for everyday use.”

This June, Olivier Passot hosted the 2nd Annual International Revol Sales Meeting the same way he runs his 9th generation company: with love, a celebration of the pleasure of spending time with others, and a commitment to quality, history, and innovation. One of the highlights of my visit to the Rhone valley was spending the day in Lyon at the Institute Paul Bocuse, teaching and learning from Revol’s global partners and interacting with students who have the privilege of testing new products before they are presented to the world.

Revol Club Collection at the Revol procelain factory

Revol is currently casting porcelain three ways: jiggering, traditional casting, and pressure casting. Jiggering and traditional casting are done with plaster molds, while pressure casting is made with proprietary resin molds. While the processes have advanced over the years, the Revols have been manufacturers, traders, merchants, and master potters in the same location since 1768. Today, they are one of the rare porcelain makers who nobly creates both its own clay and glazes.

Revol basalt collection at the Revol porcelain factory

Revol’s latest collection, Arborescence, seduces us with unique modern embossments on products that convey a rich, industrial legacy.  The generous and audacious source of inspiration are trees. “These creations are the fruit of patient research, where the hand of the colorist, the gesture of the enameller, and the power of fire, work together to give new life to the object.” This collection truly speaks to the future of Revol: harmony of shapes, strength of contrast, awakening of senses, and the quest for perfection.

Revol porcelain arborescence collection

Over the next year Revol will begin their parade to 2018 when they will celebrate their 250th anniversary.  The campaign commences with a new tag line: Cook your style. Discover the secret to exceptional longevity and please allow me the honor of presenting Revol products so that you may cook YOUR style.

Revol Porcelain Cups at the Revol porcelain factory

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