Flatware - Fiddle Vintage

Flatware - Carve

Flatware - Diplomate

Flatware - Goldware

Flatware - Matteware

Flatware - Metropole black

Flatware - Mulberry

Flatware - Prime

Flatware - Prime Cru Fromage

Flatware - Pure

Flatware - Renzo Patina

Flatware - Roseware

Flatware - Saloon

Flatware - Signe

Flatware - Vintageware

Never your typical knife, fork, and spoon, these are utensils for every use! Whether you favor elongated forms or substantial handles in a variety of tactile materials, you’ll find it here with a matching steak knife to boot. You’ll see a range of treatments, from mirror-polished to vintage satin, combined with innovative PVD finishes in cool black and dazzling metallics.