The Laguiole steak knife is already white hot in foodservice, as you all know. 

So we decided to turn up the heat and add another exclusive color to the Prime collection.

This classic French utility knife now comes in Paris Blanc, a chic and cool tone of white to match your porcelain.  Your wardrobe might change after Labor Day, but your tabletop can rock this look all year round.

Back in April, the LMT team introduced the Prime collection.

In addition to Blanc, we stock the following jewel-toned handles: Sangre (red), Smoke (gray) and Sapphire (blue).  Additionally, we offer their classic, vintage, patina-ed Prime Cru knife.  All these knives are readily available and stocked in our warehouse for immediate delivery.

The Prime Sapphire steak knife wedged into birthday cake at Monkey Board in New Orleans, LA.

As the weather turns for winter, keep your tabletop light and bright with this classic piece of cutlery. For more information and samples, please contact

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