Mark our words: 2018 will be the year of simplicity. We’ve seen it creeping up all 2017-long, and we must say, we’re thrilled. The reason? Come November, we’ll be stocking two new Figgjo collections—Ting and Oslo—that celebrate minimalist and modern Scandinavian design.

The Ting collection speaks to Nordic innovation, with its large eating surfaces and practical, high-lip rims. Plates can be used as bowls, bowls as plates. The outward slant of the rim strengthens the integrity of the product – i.e., bumps along the way will not cause chipping and cracking the same way they would with a straight-sided rim. We’ll be stocking eight pieces of the collection: a coffee and espresso cup with matching saucer, a 6” and 9” standard plate (with 1.2” high-rim), an 8” deep plate (with 2” high-rim), and a 12” pizza plate. Plus, there are another 7 SKU’s from this bright-white, uniquely-shaped Norwegian porcelain collection ready to arrive at your door in just 10 days.

Over the last several years, consumers have opted for a longer-lasting, higher-ticket-priced coffee experience. Long gone are the days of cheap and quick to-go coffee; people want a thoughtful service, beautifully plated the same way their entrée might be whilst dining out. When we found the Oslo collection, we knew it was the perfect solution. Designed with both the sophisticated coffee drinker and the functionally-driven operations team in mind, Oslo is at once pioneering and unconventional. You can choose your own adventure with three cup designs—TULIP, which intensifies flavor; OPEN, which enhances aroma; or SPLIT which accentuates fragrance. Coffee can be brewed directly inside the individually-sized, can-shaped pot and easily poured with its large, self-serving handle. Awarded a 2016 Red Dot recognition for excellence in design, this collection is sure to elevate your coffee game to new heights!

If you have questions or would like to request samples, please reach out to us today at

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