With Figgjo’s fleet of vessels, ranging from under 3 ounces to over 70, there’s truly a pourer for every purpose.

Whether you’re pouring soy milk or soup, java or juice, or just staying hydrated with some H2O, this lighthearted line has you covered. Everything has been fashioned in Figgjo’s signature, optic white, which allows design to shine.

Pouring by Figgjo includes pieces with truly diverse aesthetics that will seamlessly accent your tabletop. If you’re looking for adorable whimsy, the pointed, bird beak spouts of the 15 Series will certainly stand out. The 15 Series is available in 2 ¾ oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 23 2/3 oz, 40 ½ oz and 70 oz capacities.

If you prefer to keep it classic, see the graceful curves of the 45 Series (available in 3 2/3 oz and 8 ½ oz capacity).

For a touch of otherworldly elegance, the elongated forms of the Spir jug (40 ½ oz.) just might be your latest obsession!

These durable pieces provide purpose to the front of the house, and help accent a cohesive and refined dining experience from the first glass of water to the last cup of coffee poured.

For product inquiries, please contact lmt@singerequipment.com.

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