Trends come and go but one thing that stays constant is the need to frame your food in the perfect light. Black cutlery provides a strong, stylish statement. PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is the process of chemically bonding metal finishes at a molecular level so you can rest easy; our PVD pieces are safe in any commercial dishwasher. These cutlery collections remind us why black will always be the new noir.

PURE Cutlery by Serax

When Pascale Naessens designed this clean, industrially inspired collection, she created a line that would be coveted by hospitality experts globally. It features a unique dual process – a durable PVD coating followed by a stone wash – and is also available in mirror and copper finishes. Shop now >>

Diplomate by Amefa

Sleek and compact, yet heavier than you’d expect for its price point, Diplomate cutlery is a four-piece range perfect for anyone looking to dip their forks into a new world of flatware finishes. It’s also available in a vintage champagne finish. Shop now >> 

Matteware by Amefa

Lightweight and easygoing, Matteware by Amefa frames your food in a playful and nostalgic way, with classic flatware silhouettes. Its smooth finish compliments any tabletop. This collection is also available in gold, copper, and vintage finishes. Shop now >>

Metropole by Amefa

This 8-piece collection features long, architectural lines and a sleek, high-gloss black PVD finish. Add the outline to your tabletop and keep food in focus. Shop now >>

Tilia Black by Studio William

Tilia combines angular and organic forms. Like its namesake tree genus, the pattern is sturdy and soaring. Its full offering allows an operator to create a custom specification. Tilia Black is finished to order. For more information, please email