At LMTprovisions, we love pink–this should be news to no one (just look at our logo).

In 2017, we’re seeing a resurgence of rosy hues on the tabletop, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Rosenthal recently released JOYN Rose by Arzberg. This German factory is known for their culinary porcelain molded into modern, futuristic shapes.  Joyn is available in a stormy grey and bright white, too.  However, if you’re looking for added warmth, introduce this playful, rose-colored dinnerware hue!

Wearing pink has reached a new level of cool, especially if you’re rocking a baby pink apron from AOS by Sosa—these stylish, lightweight aprons were just written up in the New York Times for their durable functionality and trendsetting cut.

Do you see the world through rose-colored glasses?  Steelite does.  Try these blush colored glasses (also available in other jewel-tones) to add another dimension of sweetness to your tabletop.

Steelite also recently released a rose flatware pattern aptly named Fulton Rose. This tint compliments nearly every metal and setting, whereas copper tends to stand alone.  Fulton Rose’s antiqued finish even adds an extra layer of elegance.

Rosy Pink Silverware

RAK has also come to the table with pastels which include pink.  Their Vintage collection has an egg-shell crackle glaze that adds texture and dimension to this subtle shade. Durable, simple and bright – everything dinnerware should be in this weather!

We can’t forget our friends at Figgjo.  They have tones of pink available for custom dinnerware.  Whether it’s hand painted or a printed decal, Figgjo can customize your tabletop with the smallest order minimums we’ve seen (48each)! To learn more about about Figgjo, click here.

Whether it’s china, glass or silver, Little M Tucker agrees – Rose all day. Every day.  For more information about any of the products you see here, please contact

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