M Tucker is thrilled to invite you to enjoy an opulent collection of glassware that’s dressed to the nines and curated just for our clients. Toast with class with this LMT product from Steelite USA’s Rona glass factory. Add luxe and sophistication to your mixology program with six gold-rimmed glasses.

We drew from two product lines to create this extension. From Stellar by Rona, we are offering the 10-1/2oz old fashioned, the 15oz double old fashioned glass, and the 11oz beer tumbler. These three items showcase clean and classic design, and are perfectly suited for both liquor and soda.

Gold Miner Martini

Adding gold bands to three of the Minners Classic Cocktails, a line with molds that date back to the 1930’s, we now also have extravagance for cocktail service.  From this range, we are offering the 8oz Champagne coupe, the 8oz multipurpose martini/Champagne glass, and the 5-1/2oz Nick & Nora, a perfect size for a quick aperitif to kick off cocktail hour.

Rest assured – your name is on the list. Contact your sales representative or email us to bring this exclusive line into your operation, and up the ante on cocktail presentation.

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