This month, the LMTprovisions team sponsored Chef’s Roll – In the Kitchen: Las Vegas. Las Vegas’ finest chefs joined us on the 36th Floor of the Palazzo Hotel in the exclusive high-rollers Paiza Club to showcase their creativity and ingenuity with Patagonia Mussels.

Before we dive into the details, what is Chef’s Roll, you ask? Through a sequence of media publications and national events, Chef’s Roll brings together a community of chefs, purveyors, and restaurateurs to interact and educate.  Although M Tucker has attended several Chef’s Roll events in the past, this was ourfirst time sponsoring the event.If you’re interesting in seeing how vast their reach is, join their Instagram following of close to 400,000.

It’s always exciting to share the limelight with some of our favorite brands: Front of the House and Polyscience Culinary.  These brands proudly manufacturer some of the coolest tabletop and toys available for discerning culinary talent. When staging our photo shoot for Chef’s Roll, we loved having the ability to integrate FOH’s modern, metal cups, tongs, and bowls for a fresh, industrial look. Pairing additional preferred accessory brands with FOH product was easy; Forty Knots leather placemats, Casa Rovea linen, Cardinal and Hospitality Glass Brands glassware, and Amefa PVD flatware really took our presentation to the highest floor.

Las Vegas is no virgin to LMTprovisions product. One need not go further than the recently renovated Taqueria Canonita on the 2nd floor of this same building, to see our exclusive Anfora dinnerware and coffee service as well as Sequence by Cardinal in action. We made an imperative pit stop at their sit down restaurant before heading to visit some of our other recent openings at The Cosmopolitan. For obvious reasons, (taco truck. Inside. Need we say more?) we are so proud to partner with the Canonita and Tavistock Restaurant Collection teams.

We guess you can say we’re on a roll.  For more information on products seen here, send us an email at

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