Photography: Hugo Juarez for Steelite International.

At LMT, we live for great plates. Just like classic art, the first reveal of any plating technique rarely tells the whole story. You have to look deeper and ask, how was this created?

Take Martin Kastner, an artist who started a plating evolution, as one fine example. A blacksmith by trade, Kastner founded his design company in 1998 and tailored it to the needs of chefs.

Since then, he has developed some of the most thoughtful tabletop products available in foodservice today. His laundry list of hallmark designs includes the Porthole beverage infuser along with collaborating and creating the presentation platters which helped Team USA take home silver and gold medals at the Bocuse d’Or competitions in 2015 and 2017 respectively. As if that weren’t enough, Kastner has also been named one of the most 100 influential designers of all time by The Future Laboratory.

orange cup

Kastner’s ideas thrive amidst a thirst for innovation. Now more than ever, chefs are sourcing unique plating-scapes inspired by nature and modern industrial elements. The Crucial Detail collections we’re stocking for LMT—in partnership with Steelite—are inspired by the outdoors and will make you think twice about ever using basic whiteware again.

Shift is a collection of four rounds with a ripple-like rim, allowing the ingredients at the center to shine. Similarly, our Land & Sea collection—which is a pairing of the Mounds & Dunes series, made popular by Steelite—along with six unique Plateau plates, are sculpted with uneven, mountainous, wave-like surfaces. All of this is done in a minimalistic style, encouraging memorable tabletop experiences for each diner.

uchiko dinnerware

The Shift collection by Martin Kastner, plating prettily at Uchiko in Austin, Texas. 

The collection wouldn’t be complete without bringing Kastner’s pouring vessels into stock as well. Available in 2 oz., 4 ½ oz., 7 ¼ oz., and 11 oz. capacities, these jugs have a crane-like shape that will add an extra layer of eccentricity to your presentation.

All items featured here are stocked for immediate delivery with more exclusives coming soon! For product inquiries, please contact

blue fine dining dinnerware

The 11 oz. pourer during dinner service at Roots Innovate 2017. Milan, Ohio. 

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