A carefully curated wine program requires elevated stemware. Diners palates (and eyes for design) have expanded, so please allow us to introduce you to the stemware that is sure to do all the talking at your table.

Stem Zero by Nude Glass allows guests to experience the complexities of flavor through the lens of its ultra-sheer stems. This year, Hospitality Brands brought this Ion-coated, seemingly weightless collection back, and relaunched the line with maximum durability.

Nude Glass originally launched Stem Zero in 2017 and it immediately earned a Red Dot Design Award among other coveted international recognition.

Now, this collection of hand-blown crystal has been reintroduced to be twice as durable while its anti-gravity inspired design remains intact.  Stem Zero transforms the wine drinking experience – it combines ultra-light crystal, designed to balance its own weight, with an exquisite thin lip, and a stem that almost disappears. Sensation and form come together seamlessly in this highly sophisticated range.

With 10 different, sensuous glass shapes, and an accompanying water glass, Stem Zero is expressly made to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur and deliver the nuance of a wine’s personality. This collection also features proprietary Ion Shield technology, giving this seemingly delicate crystal enhanced durability.

It is our pleasure to offer LMT customers exclusive pricing on this one-of-a-kind stemware collection that blends aesthetics with experience. For more information, please reach out to lmt@singerequipment.com.

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