We’re back from this year’s National Restaurant Association show and buzzing with excitement for the year ahead. Our team hit the Windy City last week to swarm brand new collections to hit our shores this season. It was a fantastic show, and a great preview of what you can expect in 2018/2019.

Metallics are making quite an appearance this summer. Copper is king at Paderno – we’re partnering with them to bring in a new range of copper mini accessories at an affordable price point.

Copper Glow, from Villeroy & Boch, is a diverse new range that combines metallic tones with classic porcelain. A hand-painted, rosy copper finish is applied to Villeroy’s elegant white body, creating a celestial collection that’s unlike any other. It contrasts beautifully with the copper-brown accents of La Scala Patina, which we now have in stock for exclusive, immediate delivery at a great price.

Vintage finished metals are also being used in new and fabulous ways. Steelite introduced a range of accessory cheese knives that match our exclusive Prime Cru collection and will keep your Stilton in style and your Parmesan on point!

Have a cocktail with your cheese – Hepburn by Nude Glass makes it’s stunning debut. It’s long stemmed coupe, along with the full line is now in stock for immediate delivery. This collection plays with various heights and serves as a curvy supplement to our other new Nude collection, Big Top.

FOH launched Sage and Mocha, new colors in their Kiln collection. Two earthy colors inspired by nature that pair beautifully with our exclusively stocked Canopy collection from Felt + Fat.

Partnering with innovative and loyal manufacturers allows us to do what we do best – supply our customers with everything you need for your operation.

For product inquiries, please contact lmt@singerequipment.com.

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