Developing a modern steakhouse concept that’s completely original is not an easy task.

When the Cured At Pearl team began setting the mood for Landrace inside the brand new Thompson San Antonio property, they knew their tabletop specification needed to communicate more than just meat and potatoes. Steve McHugh and his partner, Sylvia McHugh, came to Singer Equipment Company to work alongside our team of tabletop experts and make their concept a reality.

“When it comes to tabletop and supplies procurement, Singer Equipment Company is the best in the business. Their team of product experts provides fresh ideas for every concept we develop. They source unique vendors and ensure each vessel we use is specific to us, so that our brand can never be copied. When you sit down to dine at one of our spaces, it feels special. The team at Singer makes that happen,” says McHugh.

The only way to be truly original is to develop your own design. This team did just that, with custom Figgjo dinnerwarePops of yellow and green ombre décor on the PAX and BASE collections sing inside the dining room, elevating the space. The larger-than-life Figgjo Fri tray is customized with an olive ombre, providing a substantial canvas for Landrace’s burger. Complemented with Revol’s Caractere collection, the result is a balanced and refined presentation that’s modern and effortless.

Oven-to-table service plays a crucial role in Landrace’s menu, and the vessels McHugh selected are not your average cast iron. Serax’s Surface collection of oven-ready pots are designed by Sergio Herman; it’s a range made for chefs, by chefs.

Steelite’s half satin Yuki cutlery by La Tavola frames each setting, and a matte carbon Laguiole steak knife is a star of every show here.

Glassware is classically inspired, yet edgy enough to leave a lasting impression from cocktail hour to your last digestif. Stolzle stemware holds Landrace’s wine program in high regard, while Luigi Bormioli and Rona tumblers anchor cocktails, juice, and water.

At Landrace, you won’t go hungry—not only because the menu is mouthwatering, but because the McHugh’s and their team leave you satisfied with an experience you can’t get anywhere else. That’s original content.

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