The team at LMT Provisions shares their favorite collections for this holiday season and shows how they’re putting them to use at home. 

Katie Lynn GartmanBrand Strategist, Oklahoma City, OK 

Adelaide Evergreen Dinnerware, more sizes available | SHOP NOW  

Diplomate Champagne Cutlery | SHOP NOW 

Anfora Chena Espresso Cups, more sizes and colors available| SHOP NOW 

Gold Miners Glasses, more sizes available | SHOP NOW 

Sarah BulmerMarketing Manager, Brooklyn, New York 

Felt+Fat Nesting Bowls, more colors available | SHOP NOW 

Figgjo Handled Platters, more sizes available | SHOP NOW 

Drinique Stemless Tumblers, 12 ounces | SHOP NOW 

Charingworth Fiddle Vintage Cutlery| SHOP NOW 

RAK Ease Mugs | Email  

Andrew Geoffrey BeresMarketing Liaison, Harlem, New York 

PAX Dinnerware by Figgjo (more sizes and colors available) | SHOP NOW 

Linea Umana Glassware (more sizes available) | SHOP NOW 

1000 Cups by Figgjo, 7-1/2 ounces | SHOP NOW 

Sabre BISTROT Cutlery | Email 

Morgan Tucker, VP, Marketing, Norwalk, OH 

Chena Low Bowls (more sizes and colors available)| SHOP NOW 

Robert Gordon Earth Latte Cups, 8 ounces (more colors available) | SHOP NOW 

Pure Cutlery by Serax (more finishes available) | SHOP NOW 

Drinique Cartel (more sizes available) | Email  

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