We’re pretty certain that the commercial kitchen of 2018 will be about quality, not quantity.

With this in mind, we’ve made it a priority to partner with factories that focus on efficiency, quality control, and superior production. Julabo—the newest small equipment partner of LMT—is one of those companies.

As chefs consider ways to increase their margins and require efficiencies to manage waste, sustainability is paramount.

If you’re looking to test sealing and sous-viding but are tight for space, Julabo and LMT offer The Edge vacuum sealer. It’s lightweight, compact, and only $75—shipping included. This sealer is now in stock for immediate delivery.

Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit more indulgent and robust? Julabo has a lot to show you in 2018.

“This is how you take your food to the next level,” said Dustin Selvaggio, Julabo’s Corporate Chef/Account Manager. “This is how you try to replicate that dish that haunts you.”

We love their centrifugal equipment, which helps offset labor costs with a highspeed motor and also makes emulsions, reductions, and pressed liquids in minutes from raw materials. Reference the watermelon reduction in the photo above if you’re having doubts.

There is little that Julabo doesn’t offer when it comes to food-science solutions, but we’re specifically rooting for The Sonicator in 2018. This handheld device mimics the effects of soundwave frequencies to create emulsions, extract flavor or even accelerate fermentation; this is music to our ears! The possibilities of this technology are truly limitless. Just ask Alter’s Executive Chef Brad Kilgore, whose nasturtium essence–served at the 2017 Roots Conference at The Chef’s Garden—blew everyone away.

Photo credit: @culinaryvegetableinstitute on Instagram

We have good news: Julabo will be doing a cooking demo with the Culinary Vegetable Institute’s Executive Chef Jaime Simpson in our booth at the March Show at the Javits Center. Come taste the future with Julabo and your friends at LMT. For free tickets, send an email to lmt@singerequipment.com.

The countdown has begun. Countdown to the show, brought to you by @mtuckerco.

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