Our drinking culture is evolving. The effort put into creating and executing a fine cocktail should be reflected in the tools used to craft it.

Today, we’re seeing equal parts desiring a revered past and aspiring toward an inventive future. Urban Bar knows this recipe well, honoring the Golden Age of Cocktails with as much attention as they give to developing new, cutting edge bar wares.

In their own words, the UK-based company is “striving to bring the skills of the past back into the future.” They’ve been doing precisely that for nearly forty years – developing, designing, and producing items that combine design, functionality, and quality.

With durable Japanese Steel, this brand has perfected the essentials for any bar program. The classics are all there, with some wonderful updates and twists.

The Coley Jigger, featuring a simple but effective finger loop handle, is a great example—its design is as striking as it is pragmatic. We certainly don’t pick favorites, but we love UB’s Octagonal Shaker as well, an item that adds functional design to a traditional form. The eight facets catch light and give visual interest, while also adding a little extra grip when shaking a cocktail.

Urban Bar offers rich metallic finishes as well as old school stainless. Gold, Copper, and Rose Gold plating adds the touch that can become the signature of a bar’s aesthetic.

Urban Bar reflects and celebrates the exciting growth we see every time we step into one of our customers’ bars across the country. Urban Bar is the future of barwares.

For product inquiries, please contact LMT@singerequipment.com.