Like the legendary opera house for which it was named, La Scala Patina truly sings.

Villeroy & Boch’s incredibly successful La Scala porcelain has been executed with a dark copper border that fades in and out of the décor. Reminiscent of brushstrokes on a canvas, this border gives the classic pattern a warm, vintage touch. With this detail, the German porcelain powerhouse has transformed the look of their classic scalloped rim while maintaining the superb quality for which they are known.

This instant classic has taken the traditional and given it a handmade, artisanal look. Its porcelain body will perfectly match your existing pieces and all porcelain collections from Villeroy & Boch.

This allows you to seamlessly add a touch of La Scala Patina to anchor an all-white tabletop. Keep in mind, this is a complete collection, including everything from platters to espresso cups. Refined yet rustic, La Scala Patina creates a stunning presentation when selected as a full specification.

We are pleased to be the exclusive stocking dealer of La Scala Patina, and offer the entire line with the best pricing in the United States.

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