If your coffee service is in need of a jolt, look no further than the matte black coffee and espresso items we are now stocking at Tucker.

When we’re looking for a boost, we like our coffee service black—so do our customers, apparently. This year, we’re seeing dark stoneware emerge as a key player on the field of tabletop in fine dining and Brooklyn roast houses alike.

While bone china will always have a place in the hearts of travelers and diners of New Yorkers, the new splash of non-glazed black china is now providing the hospitality community a much sought edginess.

You can see these mugs and saucers in action at the new banquet space for the 1 Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge, opening soon.

There is a 8 1/4oz coffee cup and saucer that match the other Denali dinnerware available from Steelite. To pair, we have a coveted and cute 3 oz espresso cup and saucer.

Whether you like your coffee with whole milk, almond milk, cashew milk or only drink matcha, we know the new Chena Black options available from Tucker will fit right into your coffee program.

For more information, ask us!

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