The New Year is just around the corner and we’d like to make a toast!

That’s because M Tucker is now stocking a boutique collection of specialty coupe cocktail glassware, from our partners at Hospitality Glass Brands!

The coupe has been back in town for a while now but in 2017, we’re introducing a fresh perspective on the martini glass.

Not to worry: the coupes we’re bringing to the scene are commodity but have the look, feel and durability of high end glassware, to fit any bar’s martini needs. There are also four different ounce capacities and distinct heights available, because your cocktail program matters too!

The Moda Coupe is the shortest of the bunch, with a small dimple at the joint to add a touch of elegance to a simple, sustainable coupe: at $3.00 per glass, this 6.75oz glass is built to last and keep your budget strong too!

The Primeur is half an inch higher, with a sheerer rim and an 8-ounce capacity. It’s only $4.00 per glass.

Next, we have the 9oz Timeless Coupe, an addition to the HGB Timeless range to offer an affordable alternative to etched stemware. This trendy stem piece also comes in at $4.00 per glass. Read more about the etched glassware we’re stocking here.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have the Nude Terroir, the slender and refined coupe that rounds out this collection with a pointy little dimple at the joint and a pulled stem that gives this glass a taller and more elegant look as well as a slightly higher price point ($5.50 per glass).

Little M Tucker is thrilled to be featuring the new collection of coupe cocktail glasses from Hospitality Glass Brands, including Moda and Primeur.

[ LMT Fun fact! When you hear “pulled stem,” it means the Nude Terroir is ONE piece of glass, whereas many glass items are often glued together at the base or the joint, unless otherwise specified. Knowledge is power. ]

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