Since its inception, Drinique has become the industry leader in non-glass drinkware.

This drinkware is strong enough for the rowdiest nightclubs, and yet elegant enough for high-end pool services or rooftop lounges. With a lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking or crazing*, this BPA free plastic is THE solution to reusable drinkware.

The Drinique team pioneered the use of Tritan copolyester plastic. This high end plastic material has revolutionized the strength, clarity, and safety of plastic drinkware. Drinique continues to be at the forefront of innovation and trends. Most recently, the Drinique team created CALIBER. It’s design is more traditional than the original Elite collection. Caliber was displayed last month at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas.

There, our customers had a chance to catch up with the Drinique boys. People had many questions about the brand, and what was next in store! Some of these questions (and their answers) are below:

Q: “But… do you have a traditional pint glass?”
A: To the loyal lovers of Drinique out there, we can now say yes…! And, it stacks VERY tight!

Q:“Do you have a 9 1/2oz?”
A: YES. Now we do.

Q:“Does Drinique have anything a little less…chunky?”
A: Yes! The Caliber collection is lean and mean. It has really clean lines. This collection also features a 12 1/2oz double old fashioned glass. Later this spring, look out for the release of the 22oz cooler!

Q: But when can I get these?

A: Our inventory of the OF and pint glass just arrived to both our New Jersey and Pennsylvania warehouses. For further product inquiries please contact!

*Crazing? What’s that, you ask? Crazing is that nasty, cloudy webbing you see in plastic cups all over the country. And what does it mean? Crazing suggests a less durable product. It is also a pretty good indication that BPAs and other chemicals are leaking into your drink. That’s crazing. More like CRAZY, are we right?!

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