Now is the time to experiment in your kitchen. Take your culinary skills to the next level with PolyScience cooking equipment suitable for any cooking environment!

Looking to barbecue, but don’t have access to a grill? Look no further than the Smoking Gun Pro, a handheld smoking unit that packs a deep punch of rich, smoky flavor into proteins, produce and even cocktails at home.

Smoking Gun Cloche

The Smoking Gun Pro comes with four unique wood chip flavor packs. To use, simply plug in the Smoking Gun Pro into any standard 120v outlet, pack the chamber and blaze away for instant and intricate smoke. A glass cloche that fits the tube is the perfect accessory to keep food enrobed in smoky comfort and elevate your presentation at home.

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You might have a bit more time for food prep; perhaps you’d like to test the waters in the world of sous vide. PolyScience offers three unique units that we have in stock to deliver immediately right to your door. You can shop these units here.

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