Just outside the northeast corner of Philadelphia, you’ll find Kensington, a neighborhood that would remind any New Yorker of Bushwick. It’s industrial, with working and abandoned factories neighboring each other and some subsidized housing neighboring new lofts. It’s a little rough, but, it’s “on the rise.”

These are the neighborhoods defining the urban restaurant landscape today, as well as contemporary resurgence of artist-driven tableware. Kensington specifically, is where you’ll find Felt + Fat, a 5,500 square foot pottery studio that chefs have been flocking to with growing momentum since its genesis.

Nathaniel Mell was approached by High Street on Market’s Executive Chef, Eli Kulp, shortly after starting his pottery studio. Originally, he focused on artistic vessels, such as vases and carafes. When Kulp came calling for dinnerware, his response was, “Sure, we can do that.”

And since then, has built a brand of dinnerware, uniquely Nordic and American at the same time, coveted by chefs and revered by hospitality enthusiasts alike.

Using slip casting, the team behind Felt + Fat create consistent product with slight variation. The satin matte glaze, available in a wide spectrum, allows these pieces to be integrated into any dining room. Foie gras or French toast will look equally at home!

felt + fat

As we celebrate Singer Equipment Company’s hundredth year in business, it’s the perfect time for this exclusive distribution partnership. As we rejoice in the successes of our centennial, we’re inspired to remember our roots. It’s local business owners and factories, like Felt + Fat, which have made and continue to make our success possible.

Felt + Fat dinnerware is made to order, minutes from our warehouse, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer a stocked collection of their products. Canopy, a gorgeous, deep forest-colored glaze, will be available in the following shapes for next day delivery:

-B&B Plate, 6”

-Share Plate, 8”

-Entrée Plate, 10 ½”

-Nesting Bowl, 4 ½” (11 oz)

-Nesting Bowl, 5 ½” (16 oz)

-Nesting Bowl, 8” (24 oz)

For product information, please contact lmt@singerequipment.com

colorful cups felt fat

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