This winter, we’re launching Adelaide Evergreen by Robert Gordon Australia, featuring a new colorway for LMTprovisions in partnership with Steelite.

A rich reactive glaze reminiscent of forest ferns interacts boldly with Adelaide’s uniquely embossed rim. This complete range includes classic round sizes needed for any operation (6 ½”, 8 ½”, 10 3/8”), four stackable nesting bowls and a 2 ½ ounce ramekin. Adelaide also features a signature oblong tray suitable for sharing or a more imaginative presentation.

Our collaborations with Robert Gordon Australia continue to blossom. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store when the snow melts.

…if you’re searching for the perfect winter white to match Evergreen, this collection is also currently in stock in Birch.

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The Smoking Gun Pro Cloche from Polyscience Culinary is a tool that takes the primal and makes it precise! This handcrafted, borosilicate glass dome follows on the runaway success of The Smoking Gun Pro, Polyscience’s handheld cold smoke infuser. It features a sleek, straight-sided design as well as a BPA-free silicone one-way valve, allowing for precise control.

Since the paleolithic era, humankind has realized the unique virtues of smoking our food. Unlike our stone age ancestors, we don’t have to rely on filling our caves with smoke to reap these benefits. There’s undoubtedly a time for gathering around a bonfire, hearth, or barbeque pit, but for the precision required by today’s professional kitchen, we have a new set of tools.

The Smoking Gun Pro and Cloche unleash power and artistry in the kitchen and behind the bar. Picture any food or beverage, from butter to bourbon, gently infused or finished with smoky flavors and aromatics. Whether revealed to the guest under a dissolving veil of smoke, or finished in the kitchen, your culinary creations will show new character, limited only by your imagination.

The Smoking Gun Pro and Smoking Gun Pro Cloche are both stocked in our warehouse and available for immediate delivery. For more information, please contact

Orchestrate your setting with Fiddle Vintage by Charingworth. Evoking the sculpted neck of an antique string instrument, this collection boasts heft in the hand.

Fiddle Vintage is a contemporary take on a well-established pattern. Originating in France, Fiddle first made an appearance in England around the 1760’s. Fast forward a few centuries and Charingworth has revived Fiddle in a cool, satin vintage finish. It’s industrial, antique, modern, and classic all at once!

Allow us to introduce you to Charingworth, the second label of our partners at Studio William Cutlery. Designer William Welch’s bold approach, launching a collection that borrows from and updates the true history of flatware, is what sets Fiddle apart from other vintage-finished flatware on the market. Fiddle Vintage is an 18/0 stainless steel line with the weight and feel of 18/10, meaning this nine piece range is suitable for café concepts and culinary stardom alike.

With Fiddle Vintage, we’ve found the flatware that tugs at our heartstrings like no other. For samples and more information, send us an email at

Inspired by a nomadic time, when your dinnerware traveled with you, Golden Rabbit’s signature Glampware collection features a rolled edge in several staple colors, including an all cream rendition we’re quite excited about.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Golden Rabbit, an American company leading the charge in enamelware manufacturing. In addition to classic solids and swirls, Golden Rabbit knows how to have fun. Their catalog also features flamboyant, decorated patterns – some of our favorites feature seafood motifs, a signature scalloped green décor, and eight bold colors of their signature swirl design.

Enamelware is a sustainable dinnerware solution for the rigors of outdoor service – another reason to love it. Do Mother Earth a favor and consider this medium when purchasing for your poolside or rooftop today. Or consider bringing the outdoors inside when searching for that bright, playful, indestructible update to your creative tablescape.

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Picture your favorite cocktail, immaculately crafted, whether up or on the rocks. Before you taste it, pick up the glass, feeling the cool condensation. Take a sip. Now open your eyes. What glass was your drink in? Did you pick a classic, sheer-rim coupe glass, or maybe a sturdy rocks glass?

Stolzle’s Fleur-de-Lis is a collection of the classic glassware we dream about. This brilliant, German crystal is truly the archetype. Fleur-de-Lis cocktail glasses are perfect to complement a variety of tabletops. Whether accented with subtle decor or simply featuring the sheer brilliance of crystalline glass, this collection will add a classic touch to an innovative mixology program.

A classic Nick & Nora, coupe, highball, and rocks glass round out this classic collection. We’re stocking undecorated standards, as well as glassware with a vintage inspired Fleur-de-Lis motif. Each glass has been delicately etched with a stylized fleur pattern, allowing the mixologist to craft new innovations, in vessels inspired by trends of yester-year.

For samples and more information, please contact

Imagine a dinnerware collection that combines the fun, playful qualities of enamelware (we know, you want it) with the weight and feel of culinary grade porcelain.

Dreams do come true with the introduction of Tin Tin, a collection that has recreated the imperfect retro rims of old school campware in high density porcelain.

Luzerne is no stranger to innovation. This Singaporean factory has been churning out leading lines in the international world of tabletop design for decades. Tin Tin, however, is highly Americanized and perfect for our fall tablescapes. Available in six different shades, our favorite features a dark collegiate green band on white porcelain. It’s called British Green, and it complements the other five colors available in this collection, including bright yellow, green and pink pastels.

Tin Tin is now in stock for immediate delivery. For product inquiries, please contact

Our drinking culture is evolving. The effort put into creating and executing a fine cocktail should be reflected in the tools used to craft it.

Today, we’re seeing equal parts desiring a revered past and aspiring toward an inventive future. Urban Bar knows this recipe well, honoring the Golden Age of Cocktails with as much attention as they give to developing new, cutting edge bar wares.

In their own words, the UK-based company is “striving to bring the skills of the past back into the future.” They’ve been doing precisely that for nearly forty years – developing, designing, and producing items that combine design, functionality, and quality.

With durable Japanese Steel, this brand has perfected the essentials for any bar program. The classics are all there, with some wonderful updates and twists.

The Coley Jigger, featuring a simple but effective finger loop handle, is a great example—its design is as striking as it is pragmatic. We certainly don’t pick favorites, but we love UB’s Octagonal Shaker as well, an item that adds functional design to a traditional form. The eight facets catch light and give visual interest, while also adding a little extra grip when shaking a cocktail.

Urban Bar offers rich metallic finishes as well as old school stainless. Gold, Copper, and Rose Gold plating adds the touch that can become the signature of a bar’s aesthetic.

Urban Bar reflects and celebrates the exciting growth we see every time we step into one of our customers’ bars across the country. Urban Bar is the future of barwares.

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Earth isn’t just black and white, and now Robert Gordon’s Earth isn’t either. The same hospitality grade, high-fired porcelain dinnerware collection is now available and in stock in a limited edition, pale pink reactive glaze.

Plating: Executive Chef Ben Grupe, Tempus, St. Louis / Photography: R.J. Hartbeck

Mix and match this soft, subdued colorway on your tabletop. It’s an ideal compliment to Earth Black’s volcanic essence or the speckled ecru of Earth Natural, but Earth Pink also meshes with a range of neutral and more saturated tones. It will certainly hold its own on a spectrum of contemporary tablescapes.

We’re proud to offer this collection to feed growing demand for new and interesting shades in dinnerware. For product inquiries and samples, please contact

Cocktail by Kevin Denton Rex, clover leaf garnish by The Chef’s Garden

In celebration of the summer sun, we’re offering an exclusive promotion on Gold Miners double old fashioned glasses now through Labor Day.

Any order for our 15 ounce old fashioned with a 24 karat gold rim, you’ll receive a full set of copper bar tools!

Act now on this limited time offer and follow @LMTprovisions on Instagram for a series of hot deals we’re setting on your table this summer.

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In partnership with Felt+Fat, we’re launching Kensington, our latest dinnerware collection curated for sharing.

This menagerie of minimalist shapes comes in a calming palette of saturated neutrals, including taupe, pigeon gray, slate black and satin white.

Photo credit: @boqueria via Instagram

Elevate your pastry and buffet displays with these mix and match-able platters, available in 11 ½” and 12 ½” rounds as well as 12”x7” rectangles.

To complement our debut Canopy collection with Felt+Fat, we’ve also brought in the highly functional 8” nesting bowl, our ideal coupe vessel.

Photo credit: @boqueria via Instagram

Felt+Fat is known most ubiquitously for bright, poppy glaze colors, but we’re equally impressed with their design team’s ability to refine and perfect these four neutral tones. Felt+Fat’s entire range of dinnerware and coffee service pieces, which are made in the heart of Philadelphia, can be delivered from our Elverson warehouse five days a week.

All items mentioned here are in stock and shoppable via our website.

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