Developing a modern steakhouse concept that’s completely original is not an easy task.

When the Cured At Pearl team began setting the mood for Landrace inside the brand new Thompson San Antonio property, they knew their tabletop specification needed to communicate more than just meat and potatoes. Steve McHugh and his partner, Sylvia McHugh, came to Singer Equipment Company to work alongside our team of tabletop experts and make their concept a reality.

“When it comes to tabletop and supplies procurement, Singer Equipment Company is the best in the business. Their team of product experts provides fresh ideas for every concept we develop. They source unique vendors and ensure each vessel we use is specific to us, so that our brand can never be copied. When you sit down to dine at one of our spaces, it feels special. The team at Singer makes that happen,” says McHugh.

The only way to be truly original is to develop your own design. This team did just that, with custom Figgjo dinnerwarePops of yellow and green ombre décor on the PAX and BASE collections sing inside the dining room, elevating the space. The larger-than-life Figgjo Fri tray is customized with an olive ombre, providing a substantial canvas for Landrace’s burger. Complemented with Revol’s Caractere collection, the result is a balanced and refined presentation that’s modern and effortless.

Oven-to-table service plays a crucial role in Landrace’s menu, and the vessels McHugh selected are not your average cast iron. Serax’s Surface collection of oven-ready pots are designed by Sergio Herman; it’s a range made for chefs, by chefs.

Steelite’s half satin Yuki cutlery by La Tavola frames each setting, and a matte carbon Laguiole steak knife is a star of every show here.

Glassware is classically inspired, yet edgy enough to leave a lasting impression from cocktail hour to your last digestif. Stolzle stemware holds Landrace’s wine program in high regard, while Luigi Bormioli and Rona tumblers anchor cocktails, juice, and water.

At Landrace, you won’t go hungry—not only because the menu is mouthwatering, but because the McHugh’s and their team leave you satisfied with an experience you can’t get anywhere else. That’s original content.

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Summer starts with the perfect drinkware.

Our partners at Drinique have done it again with their latest introduction: the Cartel Collection. Cartel combines Drinique’s sleekest design yet with BPA-free, Tritan construction, made in the USA. Don’t forget their lifetime guarantee against breaking and cracking – unbreakable style, indeed!

Cartel is available in four sizes – there’s truly an option for just about any beverage or snack you desire. Versatility is the name of the game.

  • The 8-ounce Neat/Juice Glass is the perfect juice glass solution and equally ideal for sipping spirits or munching bar snacks once happy hour hits. Crystal clear amuse bouche or dessert presentations also thrill in this petite powerhouse.
  • The 10-ounce Rocks Glass is every spirit’s best friend and makes a great water glass or casual parfait presentation.
  • The 12-ounce Tumbler is all-purpose, accomodating a wide range of drinks; a natural fit for an oversized ice cube and classic, stirred cocktails.
  • The 16-ounce Pint Glass is sure to quench your thirst, whether with a soft drink, beer, frosé, or a Bloody Mary with all the garnishes.

All four are neatly stackable with a barely-there, zero sham design.

We’re thrilled to be the first and only US dealer stocking Cartel Collection, just in time for the warmer months. All four sizes are now in stock and available to ship immediately.

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Like so many settlers throughout the history of Oklahoma City, Jason and Sara Kate Little were met with tantalizing opportunity. In the Bradford House, the couple saw a chance to transform a historic building into a boutique hotel like no other in the area. In doing so, the Littles sought to keep a crown jewel of OKC history alive. But the dream was not without its challenges. Originally built in 1912 and owned by the Oklahoma County Clerk, William Bradford, the Bradford House building was in much need of repair.

In OKC, many buildings have been restored, preserved and modernized only as a necessity; to ensure they’re structurally sound. The Littles took the renovation of Bradford House leaps and bounds beyond the status quo. The newly emphasized charm of the property is not hard to find. Shades of pink, blue and green pop like sparkling jewels as you walk in the door, accentuated by a Maria Theresa chandelier and grand three-story staircase. Vintage furniture throughout was hand selected by the Littles in Italy and France. Each room is different but incredibly inviting and designed for guests to wander. Grab a drink at the gilded green bar and enjoy it on a plush velvet couch in the Lantern Room. The Cafe and Restaurant are no different. They are so inviting that it feels like you are dining at your incredibly stylish (and outrageously rich) friend’s house. 

To find plateware that looked vintage but would withstand modern hospitality, the Littles enlisted the assistance of LMT Provisions. Imperial by Anfora subtly accentuates the richness and vibrancy of the decor. The porcelain is the perfect shade of creamy white, making it feel not too new; the scalloped rim is soft but striking. Sipping from the subtly ornate Imperial coffee cup transports you back in time.

To add a touch of color with a pop of pink, Rak Vintage plates strike the perfect note in harmony with the rest of the selections. The table wouldn’t be complete without French Classics Lion’s Head bowl from Revol, the original proprietor of this iconic vessel.

We worked with the Littles to thoughtfully select tableware specifically for this uniquely special property. Looking for your own personal design experience? Send us an email at to get started.

The team at LMT Provisions shares their favorite collections for this holiday season and shows how they’re putting them to use at home. 

Katie Lynn GartmanBrand Strategist, Oklahoma City, OK 

Adelaide Evergreen Dinnerware, more sizes available | SHOP NOW  

Diplomate Champagne Cutlery | SHOP NOW 

Anfora Chena Espresso Cups, more sizes and colors available| SHOP NOW 

Gold Miners Glasses, more sizes available | SHOP NOW 

Sarah BulmerMarketing Manager, Brooklyn, New York 

Felt+Fat Nesting Bowls, more colors available | SHOP NOW 

Figgjo Handled Platters, more sizes available | SHOP NOW 

Drinique Stemless Tumblers, 12 ounces | SHOP NOW 

Charingworth Fiddle Vintage Cutlery| SHOP NOW 

RAK Ease Mugs | Email  

Andrew Geoffrey BeresMarketing Liaison, Harlem, New York 

PAX Dinnerware by Figgjo (more sizes and colors available) | SHOP NOW 

Linea Umana Glassware (more sizes available) | SHOP NOW 

1000 Cups by Figgjo, 7-1/2 ounces | SHOP NOW 

Sabre BISTROT Cutlery | Email 

Morgan Tucker, VP, Marketing, Norwalk, OH 

Chena Low Bowls (more sizes and colors available)| SHOP NOW 

Robert Gordon Earth Latte Cups, 8 ounces (more colors available) | SHOP NOW 

Pure Cutlery by Serax (more finishes available) | SHOP NOW 

Drinique Cartel (more sizes available) | Email  

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With the highly anticipated opening of Rosalie, the dining scene in Wayne, PA, has its newest darling.
From the team behind Fearless Restaurant Group based in Philadelphia, Rosalie is a modern Italian concept boasting shareable plates of rustic comfort. Figgjo whiteware and handmade pieces by Felt+Fat share a tabletop and complement each other like few brands can.

Figgjo’s handled platters and bowls add a playful design element to an overall rustic menu.
Renzo Patina cutlery from Arc Cardinal shushes a mostly glossy white with its classically inspired baguette shape and well weighted handles.

The Fearless team made sure to source locally for this project, employing Felt+Fat’s Claret glaze and even a surprise cameo from their famous and fun Confetti range during dessert service. Sydney Grims, Director of Business Development for Fearless Restaurants, is no stranger to hospitality as a graduate of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. For design inspiration in Philadelphia and beyond, people are looking at Fearless. With Executive Chef Merick Devine at the pass, Rosalie is poised to add a burst of color and flavor to this neighborhood’s dining scene. 

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Now is the time to experiment in your kitchen. Take your culinary skills to the next level with PolyScience cooking equipment suitable for any cooking environment!

Looking to barbecue, but don’t have access to a grill? Look no further than the Smoking Gun Pro, a handheld smoking unit that packs a deep punch of rich, smoky flavor into proteins, produce and even cocktails at home.

Smoking Gun Cloche

The Smoking Gun Pro comes with four unique wood chip flavor packs. To use, simply plug in the Smoking Gun Pro into any standard 120v outlet, pack the chamber and blaze away for instant and intricate smoke. A glass cloche that fits the tube is the perfect accessory to keep food enrobed in smoky comfort and elevate your presentation at home.

Purchase now.

You might have a bit more time for food prep; perhaps you’d like to test the waters in the world of sous vide. PolyScience offers three unique units that we have in stock to deliver immediately right to your door. You can shop these units here.

Whether you’re cooking at home or prepping from around the globe, we want to hear from you. Tag @LMTprovisions in your culinary creations for a chance to be featured on our site. For product inquiries, please contact

“Statuesque” and “shapely” aren’t descriptors we usually associate with stemware. That’s about to change with Linea Umana, the new crystal stemware range that’s designed to elevate the dining room with curves and attitude aplenty.

This innovative collection of stemware and tumblers, designed with Italian sommelier Maurizio Dante Fillipi, has already been awarded for its ultra-light design and versatility. LMT and Steelite are thrilled to introduce Linea Umana stateside and debut the collection at this year’s International Restaurant and Foodservice New York Show.

Six wine glasses, ranging from a 17-ounce sparkling wine glass to an abundant 37-1/4-ounce fine red wine glass, as well as distinguished still and sparkling water glasses comprise this thoughtful line. All eight glasses display soft, human lines, while still making utility a priority. This is a luxury collection, in fine crystalline glass, designed to meet the needs of all hospitality professionals and of all wine styles.

We are stocking the full range of Linea Umana, listed below, in our New Jersey warehouse. We can’t wait to share this exquisite collection with you.

Evolved Red/White Wine Glass, 23-1/2 oz capacity, 4″ x 9-1/2″h

Full Bodied White Wine Glass, 25-3/4 oz capacity, 4-3/4″ x 8-3/4″h

Full Bodied Red Wine Glass, 30-1/2 oz capacity, 4-3/4″ x 9-1/4″h

Sparkling Wine Glass, 17 oz capacity, 3-3/4″ x 9-3/4″ h

Young White/Rose Wine Glass, 17-3/4 oz capacity, 3-3/4″ x 9-3/4″h

Fine/Light Red Wine Glass, 37-1/4 oz capacity, 4-1/2″ x 10-3/4″h

Still Water Glass, 17 oz capacity, 3-1/2″ x 4-1/2″h

Sparkling Water Glass, 14-1/2 oz capacity, 3-1/2″ x 4-1/2″h

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This winter, we’re launching Adelaide Evergreen by Robert Gordon Australia, featuring a new colorway for LMTprovisions in partnership with Steelite.

A rich reactive glaze reminiscent of forest ferns interacts boldly with Adelaide’s uniquely embossed rim. This complete range includes classic round sizes needed for any operation (6 ½”, 8 ½”, 10 3/8”), four stackable nesting bowls and a 2 ½ ounce ramekin. Adelaide also features a signature oblong tray suitable for sharing or a more imaginative presentation.

Our collaborations with Robert Gordon Australia continue to blossom. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store when the snow melts.

…if you’re searching for the perfect winter white to match Evergreen, this collection is also currently in stock in Birch.

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The Smoking Gun Pro Cloche from Polyscience Culinary is a tool that takes the primal and makes it precise! This handcrafted, borosilicate glass dome follows on the runaway success of The Smoking Gun Pro, Polyscience’s handheld cold smoke infuser. It features a sleek, straight-sided design as well as a BPA-free silicone one-way valve, allowing for precise control.

Since the paleolithic era, humankind has realized the unique virtues of smoking our food. Unlike our stone age ancestors, we don’t have to rely on filling our caves with smoke to reap these benefits. There’s undoubtedly a time for gathering around a bonfire, hearth, or barbeque pit, but for the precision required by today’s professional kitchen, we have a new set of tools.

The Smoking Gun Pro and Cloche unleash power and artistry in the kitchen and behind the bar. Picture any food or beverage, from butter to bourbon, gently infused or finished with smoky flavors and aromatics. Whether revealed to the guest under a dissolving veil of smoke, or finished in the kitchen, your culinary creations will show new character, limited only by your imagination.

The Smoking Gun Pro and Smoking Gun Pro Cloche are both stocked in our warehouse and available for immediate delivery. For more information, please contact

Orchestrate your setting with Fiddle Vintage by Charingworth. Evoking the sculpted neck of an antique string instrument, this collection boasts heft in the hand.

Fiddle Vintage is a contemporary take on a well-established pattern. Originating in France, Fiddle first made an appearance in England around the 1760’s. Fast forward a few centuries and Charingworth has revived Fiddle in a cool, satin vintage finish. It’s industrial, antique, modern, and classic all at once!

Allow us to introduce you to Charingworth, the second label of our partners at Studio William Cutlery. Designer William Welch’s bold approach, launching a collection that borrows from and updates the true history of flatware, is what sets Fiddle apart from other vintage-finished flatware on the market. Fiddle Vintage is an 18/0 stainless steel line with the weight and feel of 18/10, meaning this nine piece range is suitable for café concepts and culinary stardom alike.

With Fiddle Vintage, we’ve found the flatware that tugs at our heartstrings like no other. For samples and more information, send us an email at