Our VP of Marketing Morgan Tucker shares the creative direction of our Fall/Winter catalog cover shoot.

It didn’t take long to select the headliner for our latest catalog. As Sarah mentions in the letter from the editor, we caught eyes on this showstopping collection nearly two years ago and fell in love at first sight.

When designing Inku, Sergio Herman married Japanese sophistication with European chic. Of all the references shared in developmental discussion, I was most inspired by the mention of unexpected blossoms in nature. In collaborated with The Chef’s Garden, a destination committed to regenerative agriculture and farming in full accord with nature, we explored the concept of seasonality.

Executive Chef Liaison Jamie Simpson quantifies his life in seasons. In this moment, a time of beginnings and gatherings, we hope these images invite you to welcome in the natural beauty all around us.

The last of the arrowhead cabbage, reaching it’s fullest size and potential, is adorned with bits and pieces of new growth. Looking upward, the cruciferous vegetable is inspiration for each of us.

Pictured on the back cover, flowering kale is placed atop Robin’s Koginut squash soup. Just harvested, the addition of honey represents the sweet result of a long year of hard work —something to which we can all relate.

Our bees prepare for new challenges ahead, yet they are intrepid.  As we search for warmth and community again, we are reminded that following the darkest times, we remain steadfast and continue to plant cover crops, regenerating our soil, so that new seeds will blossom again.