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Provisions Previewed: Drinking Thoughtfully with Drinique

Drinique was founded in 2007, and since its genesis, has become the industry leader in shatter resistant drinkware. In this month’s issue of Total Food Service magazine, Sarah Bulmer writes about what it takes to make it and not break it in a product category saturated with copycats and fakers, proving that Drinique is truly […]

Nautical by Nature: Introducing FLEETING, Our New Beverage Beau

What does an all-day café have in common with a cocktail bar, or even an in-room amenities tray? No, this is not the beginning of a bad joke. It’s a real question, and the answer is glassware. Re-imagining the classic faceted café glass, Hospitality Brands’ FLEETING is for the ephemeral moments you want to make […]

Air, Fire, Water, and EARTH

Earth has landed. This element-inspired dinnerware collection by Robert Gordon Australia is a true ode to our planet and the diversity of color and texture it contains. The name was chosen to inspire closeness to the literal source of dinnerware – fitting given Robert Gordon Australia ’s commitment to sustainability in all phases of production. […]

Thoughtfully Curated: Connecting at the NRA Show

  New products don’t stay new for long but new partners can become lifelong relationships. In this month’s issue of Total Food Service Magazine, Andrew Geoffrey Beres and Morgan Tucker give their hot take on the flatware brands we’re most excited about as we head into summer specification season, including our newest partnership with Studio […]

This Week in Tabletop Inspiration: Maison Yaki!

At Maison Yaki, the newest project from the team behind Olmsted, the distance between Paris and Tokyo has never been shorter. Petits plats meet yakitori on Executive Chef Greg Baxtrom’s expressive menu, and the front of the house mirrors Chef’s creativity and daring. Contrast abounds throughout the restaurant. Servers sport black and white striped shirts […]

This Week in Tabletop Inspiration: Wayan by Cedric Vongerichten!

Walking through the doorway of Wayan, you’re instantly transported. Antique tealights hang over an underlit bar rich with brass and copper hues. Oversized palm fronds hang lazily over candlelit tables filled with diners in intimate conversation. Faces may blur, but Cedric Vongerichten’s highly conceptual French-Indonesian menu shines in a wide range of dinnerware from Haand […]

Thoughtfully Curated: Fired With Imagination

Morgan Tucker took a trip down under last month to visit the holy grail of pottery. At the Robert Gordon factory, Tucker brings us behind the scenes of one of the world’s most beloved ceramic design studios, one that’s drenched in natural sunlight and steeped in tradition. With an eye toward the future – Earth […]

Plating, expanded: Introducing Boro by Crucial Detail

Crucial Detail’s Boro explores light, transparency, and playful interactions – asymmetrically. It is made of low expansion glass which can easily handle a wide temperature range, allowing for tremendous creativity in plating and presentation, and is available in 6”, 8”, and 10” diameters. LMT is honored to be the first to bring this collection to […]

This Week in Tabletop Inspiration: The Woodlark Hotel in PDX!

Each of our vendors and each of our customers have a story to tell, and it’s our privilege at LMT to help weave the two together. The next time you find yourself in Portland, Oregon, listen to the stories the Woodlark Hotel’s tabletop settings tell. Their roots are found in the Woodlark building’s century of […]