Earth has landed. This element-inspired dinnerware collection by Robert Gordon Australia is a true ode to our planet and the diversity of color and texture it contains. The name was chosen to inspire closeness to the literal source of dinnerware – fitting given Robert Gordon Australia ’s commitment to sustainability in all phases of production.

Earth unites organic forms with the harmonious variation of reactive glaze on high-fired porcelain and is available in pink, black, and natural colorways. Pink evokes the blush of pink sand on a warm beach. Black is nearly volcanic, featuring a satiny, anthracite background with tones of chocolate and black speckling. Natural is a taupe and brown speckled eggshell glaze that reminds us of a nest nurturing the beginnings of life.

Earth in natural / plating by Chef Maneet Chauhan / photography by Michelle Demuth Bibb

Earth allows your food to sing as well. The line includes plates, bowls, small dishes, and even a welcoming, handle-less mug. With this collection, casual and composed plating is equally at home. We see these vessels as the perfect partner for tangled noodle dishes and shareable side offerings – after all, they did make their debut at Chinese Tuxedo. Earth is also a stellar choice for banquet facilities looking to offer a more homespun service on durable porcelain.

Earth in black / plating by Chef Tristan Acevedo / photography by Morgan Tucker

Celebrate terra firma with Earth by Robert Gordon Australia, now in stock and shoppable here. For more information, please send us an email at