Foodservice Equipment & Supplies recently released their list of the 2018 trends they see garnishing beverage programs across the country. We couldn’t agree more. Here are our recommendations for bringing these trends to life in your bar or restaurant.

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    1. Nordic Inspiration – Vegetable-forward concepts bring a rainbow of ingredients to bar menus nationwide, which means that white, Scandinavian-inspired dinnerware is all the rage. Take our Ting collection from Figgjo, for example. A clean plating surface and slanted rim are sure to make food the focal point.
    2.  Cold-Brew – When iced coffee just isn’t enough, cold brew gets the job done! Its rich, chocolaty flavor and an extra boost of caffeine will keep you going all day and all night. Caliber from Drinique is the perfect vessel for cold coffee drinks, whether spirit-spiked or not.
    3. Boozy Freezer Pops – Frozen drinks are back in action – and not just margaritas either! The new Drinique 8 oz. Coupe keeps the cold up top, so your hands don’t freeze holding your frose. Yes, we think of everything.
    4. Instagram-Worthy Cocktails – Need we say more? See and be seen with glasses that are worth a thousand words! MiX from Hospitality Glass Brands defines happy hour, and allows you to elevate your cocktail program regardless of budget.
    5. Drink Your Vegetables – We obviously love to drink our veggies. Gold Miners glassware provides the perfect vessel for creative cocktails straight from the farm – it literally makes them shine. Don’t believe us? Mixologist Charlotte Voisey can tell you all about it.
    6. Box Wine – We don’t care if it’s bottled or boxed, just as long as it is served to us in a glass. Preferably Climats from Hospitality Glass Brands, the wine connoisseurs’ ideal shape for tasting terroir or just guzzling grapes.
    7. Funky Brews – When it comes to beer, go above and beyond the basic pint glass. The tin can pint glass and G&T goblet from HGB are just two show-stopping ways to showcase your beer program.
    8. The Wine Bar – If you need a shape for every grape, we’re with you. Sequence from Cardinal is available for next day delivery and has every shape you might need to outfit your wine program. Just ask Epicerie Boulud, they get it.
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