Retail therapy—we all need it from time to time. But when it comes down to your foodservice operation, you need product that’s reliable and built for hospitality.

1. Looking for Zalto? Try Stem Zero. Hospitality Glass’s Nude brand has created a sexy, innovative, crystal clean portfolio to compete at the highest level—at a much more approachable price point . For samples and pricing information, click here.

zalto wine glass

Stem Zero by Hospitality Glass Brands. Now available. 

2. Love that CB2 dinnerware set? Check out Serax Hospitality. If we had a nickel for every time someone sent us a CB2 link, let’s just say we’d have a lot of nickels. Serax Hospitality is the Belgian-based, design-driven brand that we introduced to the US market. From coasters to glass vessels, trays to lighting, Serax has it all. You’ll still get that unique, one-of-a-kind aesthetic, but you won’t see a retail level of breakage.

serax belgium blue plate and white plate

Dusk by Serax Belgium.

3. Reverting to Riedel? Look to Spiegelau instead. We’ve seen the Riedel billboards—and so have you. But if you can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond, you’re looking in the wrong direction. If you’re in the market for hospitality glassware or stemware with a sheer rim and elegant design, a legendary name with an affordable ticket, Spiegelau hits the fine points with precision. And guess what? Both brands are manufactured in the exact same facility.

4. Buying all your barware online? LMTprovisions Barware is in stock for next day delivery. From our Copper Bar and Bar Noir collections to Steelite’s Modern Mixology, to downright inexpensive bitters bottles, we’ll outfit you with everything from jiggers to stirring glasses immediately.

upscale copper barware for cocktail bars

Copper barwares stocked for next day delivery. 

We’re constantly scouring the globe for trendsetting items designed for the rigors of foodservice. Want proof? It’s our pleasure to sample ANY item featured on

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